Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Maximizing Your LinkedIn Strategy

We all know the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Often, this is true for sports teams. From team huddles to training together, to the joy of winning championships – a team sport is all about the team. Where each member plays a crucial role in the team’s success.

However, this spirit of unity and collaboration isn’t confined to a playing field. We can see teamwork in many areas of life, including online, and social media is a key tool.

Social media platforms have become a great way for businesses to connect with their target audience, showcase their brand, and grow their network.

Among these platforms, LinkedIn stands out as the go-to hub for professional networking and business development. However, unlike other social media channels, LinkedIn is not just about individual efforts.

LinkedIn is a team sport where collaboration and engagement are key to success. In this article, we’ll dive into maximizing your LinkedIn marketing strategy and getting your team on board.

Company Page vs. Personal Page

Before diving into ways to get your team involved on LinkedIn, we need to establish why your business should have its own page.

LinkedIn has two types of pages: personal pages and company pages. Personal pages represent individuals, while company pages represent businesses. Company pages are for highlighting your business, its products, and services.

75% of B2B buyers say they value a “rep-free sales experience”, or making their purchase without speaking to a rep at any point. This means your LinkedIn company page has to serve this purpose. (Gartner, 2022)

Advantages of Having a LinkedIn Company Page

While personal profiles highlight individuals, a LinkedIn company page is dedicated to your business. 

 Here are some benefits:

1. Boost Brand Awareness: With a company page, you can spotlight your brand and raise awareness. Share updates, post content, and interact with your audience, fostering a strong following for your business.


      • Most B2B buyers (62%) reported interacting with three to seven pieces of content before contacting a salesperson, while 11% said they normally consume over seven pieces of content. This means your LinkedIn page needs to be relevant and up-to-date. (Demand Gen Report, 2024)

    pieces of content stat

    2. Recruitment Hub: LinkedIn is a prime platform for attracting great candidates. Utilize your company page to showcase your culture, values, and job openings, can simplify the process of hiring.

    3. Establish Credibility: A LinkedIn company page enhances your business’s credibility and trustworthiness. It signals that you’re a legitimate organization and provides a platform for customers, clients, and partners to gain insights into your company. 

    4. Thought Leadership: By sharing insightful content, industry trends, and expert opinions, your company can position itself as a leader in its field. This helps build credibility, attract followers, and gain trust among your audience. 

    4 Ways to Act as a Team on LinkedIn:

    Now that you have a company page and are ready to begin, let’s get your team engaged to boost growth and encourage engagement. Here are 4 ways:


      1. Engaging the Entire Team:

      To truly leverage the power of LinkedIn, it’s crucial to engage your entire team. Each member brings a unique perspective and network to the table. Consequently, this can significantly increase your company’s presence on the platform. Encouraging all employees to participate actively helps tap into a collective social network that reaches beyond what any individual could achieve alone.


          • Content has 2x higher engagement when shared by employees. Source: LinkedIn

        LinkedIn Engagement when shared by employees

        2. Setting Goals for Growth:

        One effective strategy for LinkedIn team building is to set specific goals for growing your company’s LinkedIn presence. Instead of relying solely on the marketing or social media team to drive growth, involve everyone in the organization.

        Encourage your employees to personalize the invitations to their connections, highlighting the value proposition of following the company page.



            • Setting a goal for each employee to invite 30 people to follow the company page monthly. This can yield great results. (Michelle J Raymond)

          3. Empowering Employees:

          Empowerment is key to encouraging active participation from all team members. Provide resources to help employees understand the importance of LinkedIn. Show them how they can contribute to the company’s growth on the platform. One great LinkedIn resource is training sessions for your team.

          This is a service we offer at Lake House Digital. One of our top requested services is our LinkedIn sales team training. This is a one-hour recorded Zoom call that explains engagement strategies, how to optimize your profile, and how to stand out as a business. In addition, we also offer an add-on for HR specialists who do hiring through LinkedIn.

          4. Utilizing 1st Degree Connections:

          One of the most valuable assets your team possesses on LinkedIn is their 1st-degree connections. These are individuals they have already established a connection with, making it easier to introduce them to your company’s page. Encourage employees to leverage these connections by sending personalized invitations and engaging with them regularly to foster stronger relationships. This is a simple one to add to your LinkedIn strategy.

          Team Engagement to Expand Your Network

          LinkedIn says “Engaged employees are the lifeblood of every successful business.”

          Here are a few ways employees can participate on company pages to enhance the company’s online presence and engagement:


              1. Content Sharing: Encourage employees to share company updates, blog posts, and relevant industry news on their personal LinkedIn profiles, tagging the company page to increase visibility.

              1. Engaging with Company Content: Encourage employees to like, comment, and share posts published on the company page to amplify reach and foster engagement with the broader LinkedIn community.

              1. Profile Optimization: Encourage employees to optimize their LinkedIn profiles with accurate job titles, descriptions, and company connections. Pages with complete info get 30% more weekly views (Source: LinkedIn) 

            Benefits of Team Collaboration on LinkedIn

            Engaging the entire team and setting goals for growth on LinkedIn offer several benefits. Here are a few:


                • Increased Reach: With every employee actively participating, your company’s content reaches a wider audience, leading to increased visibility and brand awareness.

                • Enhanced Credibility: When multiple team members share insights, articles, and updates on LinkedIn, it reinforces your company’s expertise and credibility in the industry.

                • Stronger Connections: By involving all employees in networking efforts, you build stronger connections with clients, prospects, and industry peers, fostering long-term relationships.

                • Boosted Employee Morale: Allowing employees to help with the company’s LinkedIn strategy can make them feel more ownership and pride. This can lead to higher morale and job satisfaction.

              benefits of team collaboration on LinkedIn

              Summary for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Strategy

              Teamwork truly makes the dream work on LinkedIn. By establishing a culture of engagement, providing resources, and empowering employees as brand advocates, businesses can maximize their LinkedIn strategy and achieve remarkable results. 

              From boosting brand awareness to establishing credibility and fostering meaningful connections, the benefits of team collaboration on LinkedIn are immense.

              So, rally your team, set ambitious goals, and watch your company’s LinkedIn presence soar. With everyone on board and actively participating, the possibilities for growth and success are endless.

              And if you are interested in our LinkedIn training services, contact us to get the conversation started today. You can click here to contact us. We look forward to helping your business grow!

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