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We aim to achieve measurable, actionable results for our clients.

About Us: we help companies expand their digital presence online creating valuable content and thoughtful strategies. We deliver measurable actionable results.


If you cannot measure if
you cannot improve it

Lake House Digital, a division of Lake House Media, was established in 2021. With over 50 years in combined experience, we set out to provide measurable, actionable results for our clients. We want to help you inspire others with your brand.

After hearing from so many that they don’t know if their social media is working, or how customers engage on their website, we knew that clients deserved more.

Our clients come to us for strategy, knowing that all of our digital strategies from social media to geo ads are based on analytics. Data informs all of our decisions here, and we do it without sacrificing creativity. Learn more about our digital marketing services here.

In the industry, we are set apart in that our employees hold industry certifications across topics and platforms. Founder, Lauren Schafer, is a 2022 graduate of the Digital Marketing Executive Program in the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. She also holds a degree from North Carolina State University in Business Administration with a marketing concentration.

Everyone at Lake House Digital has a growth mindset. We believe in lifelong learning, and love watching new digital marketing trends arise.

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Join our team! We are based in Cary, NC and have a flexible model that allows for remote work. Things that are important to us: delivering measurable results to our clients, integrity, creativity, and staying on top of the latest marketing trends.

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Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager

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Using data to deliver measurable actionable results

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What do we mean by measurable, actionable results? At Lake House Digital, we look at what your goals are first and where some things may not be connecting with your audience. Whether is is posting on different platforms at different times, having clear calls to action (CTAs) on all of your marketing channels, or understanding what traffic actually converts on your website, we start with analytics and end with analytics. Marketing is done best with storytelling, and beautiful stories tell us the full picture. We are both creative and analytical to deliver measurable and actionable results.